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In the year 1933, Shri Padam Chand started Happy School in Chooriwalan with only seven children. Many scoffed at the idea of a ‘good school’ in the dingy lanes. But Shri Padam Chandji was all set and determined to change the educational climate of schools in order to give the future citizens of our country a happy childhood.

He travelled widely met many educationists including Madam Montessori, studied various systems of education and realised that the biggest handicap was dearth of devoted teachers . In 1938 Happy Teachers’ Training Centre was born. It was recognized by Directorate of Education, Delhi and Punjab.

Meanwhile, the efforts to acquire land measuring two acres yielded results in 1953 and the foundation of Happy School was laid in Daryaganj, the heart of Delhi and its rich traditions. It is not only surrounded by heritage landmarks of Delhi but according to Wikipedia is the first co-ed public school of Delhi.

The basic thrust of Shri Padam Chand ji’, ideology was –

"To grow physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually,
the child must essentially be happy.
Rewards and punishment are harmful for the healthy growth of the child.”

“Home is the first and most important laboratory where the potential of
early childhood is observed, stimulated, assisted and developed
and the school and playground constitute the second environment of the child.
The Happy Parent, the Happy teacher and the Happy Child form an Indivisible Trinity"

The soil of Happy School tells a progressive story of 63 majestic years of existence. Since its inception, Happy School has pursued an ambitious exponential growth trajectory, which is reflected in its many significant achievements and accomplishments. Today it is a reputed school known for its heritage and tradition. It provides academic excellence, moral credibility and a child friendly environment, stressing on the holistic development of the child. Students learning is the prime focus. The school enables students to become confident, self-reliant and interactive learners. Students are taught excellence is not just a goal, it is a way of life. The school prepares students for a world of change and empowers them to manage their future and be a sensitive human being.

Happy School journey is laced beautifully with achievements to accolates. The most innovative endeavour the school has introduced is innovation of e-learning. The school has smart class, well equipped computer and science labs and a library with old classics and modern fiction on one hand and exhaustive reference books and magazines on the other. The school gives ample importance to public speaking, sports and extra curricular activities. Students regularly bring laurels to school at both zonal, state and national level. Adventure sports have also been included in the curriculum. The school is active in organizing literary and cultural activities. Dance classes, workshops on career counselling, career fairs, personality development, orientation and waste management are regular activities at school. Outdoor learning is done. Children learn with nature. We work to build life skills and disaster management. The school celebrates all national and religious festivals. “Anand Utsav” the annual function and Padam Chand Memorial Inter School Art Competition, Exhibitions, Department Functions & Sports Day are hall marks of yearly celebrations. The school is a forerunner in providing the students a platform of learning and enjoyment by taking them on educational tours within the city and to almost every part of the country and even international sojourn to Switzerland. Programmes were organized to Japan & U.S.A.

The school’s progress in all these years can virtually be assessed from the land marks its Alumini have achieved in various fields. They have scaled new horizons, fathomed depths and carved a niche for themselves in the world.

The achievements of Happy School is an amalgamation of joint effort of many hands. The school has been always blessed with able and enterprising torch bearers. It is wrapped in all humility to accomplise the best.

"Lamps do not talk, but they shine, A light house sounds no drums, it beats no gong yet far over the water its friendly spark is seen by the mariner."
                             Dear God Almighty………
                                        Let our actions shine.

Let the main sermon of our life be illustrated in our conduct and be reflected in the success of our students. Let us wake up each day to groom good citizens.

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Address: Padam Chand Marg, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002, India.
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