Happy School
Visit: Padam Chand Marg, Darya Ganj
New Delhi - 110002
Call: 011-23271695
Fax: 011-23244147
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Happy School started in 1953 and presently has about 2000 students & experienced faculty of over 100 teachers. The School has an extremely committed and qualified faculty that constantly strives to make learning a pleasurable experience for children and works to realize the potential of each child.

The teachers constantly upgrade their professional skills through a multitude of in-house training programmes along with workshops conducted by experts. Workshops and orientation on life skills, subject enhancement, effective stress management etc. go a long way in equipping them to strike an admirable balance between home and the workplace and achieve success in both spheres.

Orientation & PTM

The school organizes orientation programme for the parents from time to time to make them aware about the latest updates in curriculum and evaluation system. Regular PTMs are held during the session to inform them about the academic performance / progress of their wards.

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Address: Padam Chand Marg, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002, India.
Email: happyschool.newdelhi@yahoo.com
Phone: +91-23271695

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