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Happian Avant-Garde

Founder Shri
PadamChandji [1905- 1961]

Shri PadamChandji, the founder, An institution unto himself – PadamChandji the founder could rise above the regular features of having rewards and punishment  till then considered an integral part of education. He was also a prolific writer and author of many books on child education and child psychology. In the year 1961, the cruel hands of death snatched this doyen of education but till today this cathedral of learning feels the lingering fragrance of his spirit.

Shri Babulalji

Shri Babulalji, Honorary Secretary, He was an embodiment of high principles and positive outlook. He nourished and nurtured the Happian ideology for almost thirty years.

Honorary Secretary
[1991- till date]

Shri Krishan Kumarji, popularly known as 'KK Sir' took over the reins of Happy School in 1991. He has imbibed the lofty ideals and dynamic vision of his father, Shri Padam Chand Ji. He believes in keeping pace with time and in blending new ideas with old principles.

Torch Bearers - Principals

Ms. Kanta Ansal
[1954- 1984]

Ms. Kanta Ansal, The first torch bearer – the Founder Principal - was an epitome of candor, diligence and dignity. She was a great perfectionist, a strict disciplinarian, yet a person with tender heart full of love and compassion. Her hard work helped to establish the present status of Happy School.

Shri S.D. Purohit
[1984- 1991]

Shri S. D. Purohit was a man of pleasing personality. He worked with zen and zest for seven years. He was much concerned about discipline and cleanliness of the school. He worked for the welfare of the students and staff.

Shri S.K. Bhatnagar
[1991- 1999]

Shri S.K. Bhatnagar was an Exhuberant ,energetic and enterprising. Work was his passion. He was a man blessed with clear insight and perception. He was an able administrator and was greatly loved and respected both by teachers and children. Apart from academics, he initiated extra curriculam activities in to the school curriculam.

Mrs. Gita Arora
[2000- till date]

The new millennium ushered a new era of hope and glory for Happians. Ms.Gita Arora took over the charge in the year 2000. Sophisticated, progressive and a perfectionist to the core, she believes no dream is too big and no step is too small. Her philosophy is “be a perfectionist and make the world perfect”. The school has achieved new heights of success in her tenure.

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